Block print textile stamps

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64. 8X4CM

65. 8X4CM

66. 5X6CM


Traditional Indian Block Print Stamps. DESIGNED BY MAASA

M1. 4x2,5 cm

M2. 4x2.5 cm

M3. 5x2.5 cm

M4. 4x2.5 cm

M5.+ M6.  4x2.5 cm

M7. 4x3.5  cm

M8. 3.5x3.5 cm

M9. 5x7 cm

M10. 4.5x3 cm

M11. 3.5x3 cm

M12. 4x4 cm

M13. 2.5x1.5 cm

M14. 3x2.5 cm

M15. 3x2.5 cm

M16. 3x3 cm

M17. 2.5x2.5 cm

M18. 3.5x3.5 cm

M19. 7x7 cm

M20. 13x7.5 cm

M21. 10x11 cm

M22. 12x8 cm

M23. 10x10 cm

M24. 7x5 cm

M24.2 7X5CM

M25. 9x4.5 cm

M26. 8.5x4 cm

M27. 6.5x4 cm

M28. 7x6 cm

M29. 9x4.5 cm

M29.2 9X4.5CM

M30. 6.5X4.5CM

M30.2. 6.5x4.5 cm

M31. 8.5x3 cm

M32. 13x7 cm

M33. 6x3.5 cm

M34. 9x5 cm

M35. 7x4.5 cm

M36. 12.5x7.5 cm

M37. 9x5 cm

M38. 5.5x4 cm

M39. 5.5x4 cm

M40.  8x6 cm

M41. 13x5.5 cm

M42. 13x5.5 cm

M43. 4.5x4 cm

M44. 9.5x5 cm

M45. 17x7.5 cm

M46. 5x2.5 cm

M47. 4.5x4.5 cm

M48. 7.5x4.5 cm

M49. 9.5X12CM

M50. 7X6CM

M51. 7X6CM

M52. 8X8CM

M53. 8X8CM

M54. 11X11CM

M55. 14x10cm

M56. 14x10CM

M57. 10x6cM

M58. 10x6cm

M59. 10x6cm

m60. 7x8cm

m61. 7x8cm

M62. 9x6cm

m63. 9x6cm

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Wholesale customers

If you are interested becoming a wholesale customer, 

please send us mail with following form with your enquiry.

Minimum orders are:

10 different stamp pattern a 12 pieces

Total 120 stamps