Wood Block Stamp Carving for Textile Printing India

The Art of Hand-Carved Wooden Stamps for Block Printing: A Centuries-Old Craft

In the bustling heart of Delhi, our shop proudly preserves the centuries-old craft of hand-carved wooden stamps for block printing.

This intricate art form, passed down through generations, involves using simple tools such as chisels, gouges, and hammers.

Our skilled artisans select high-quality hardwood, like teak or sheesham for local products, and Jamun wood for export stamps.

They meticulously sketch and carve intricate designs into the wood, ensuring each stamp is both precise and durable.

Get a glimpse of the artistry behind our wood carving process in this brief video.

Our commitment to this traditional craftsmanship ensures that every stamp we produce is of the highest quality, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of India.

These stamps are essential for creating beautiful, hand-printed textiles that stand the test of time.


What makes our shop unique is not just the quality of our products, but the story behind them. We invite you to experience this journey firsthand.

Our carvers, each with their own unique style and expertise, work in a village just outside Delhi.

We welcome visitors to see the magic happen up close. We offer a day of sightseeing where you can meet these artisans, observe their meticulous work, and even try your hand at carving.


We provide a private taxi driver for your convenience, ensuring a comfortable and memorable trip.

Visiting our artisans' village is not just a glimpse into an ancient craft but a step into the vibrant culture that sustains it.

To plan your day tour to see the wood carvers, visit us in our factory shop in Delhi.

We take pride in sharing this heritage with you and in continuing to produce and sell high-quality stamps.


Join us to explore the beauty and tradition of Indian block printing, and take home a piece of history.

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