Custom made block print stamps

We produce your own designed block print stamp to print your perfect repeating pattern

what we need to have from you

(YOUr name) design 1 / size 18x18cm

You will get a perfectly hand carved wooden stamp with a handle

Customized block printing stamp with handle

(name) design 2 / size 19x19cm


1. Send us a PDF with your perfectly designed repeating pattern

2. Give a name to the design and write down the size (like 18x18cm)

3. When we print out the PDF the block design should be in the size you like to order.

4. Usually the block print stamps are in the size around 18x18cm

5. The maximum size we can carve is 30x30cm


This service we give only for professional carved block print stamps and not for small Mehndi stamps.


According to the design and size of the wood block we can tell you the price