Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd. Sunil Chindalia  - Anja Vanal

Managing directors of

Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil Chindalia India

Anja Vanal Switzerland


India and many other Asian countries are famous for their vast variety of cultures, traditions and an immense richness of forms and colours.

Deeply impressed after years of travelling in India and Asia,

Anja Vanal has founded the label „maasa“ in 2004.

Since 2008 maasa runs it’s own boutique shop in Wädenswil (Zurich).


Maasa specialises in trading of artisanal goods from India and other Asian countries.

As a professionally trained adorner Anja Vanal desings a significant and ever growing part of the maasa assortment in-house for production in India.


Fair trade and humane conditions of work at all levels of production and trading were

always very important to Anja Vanal.

For this reason, and in order to ensure a sustainably high quality of all maasa products,

in 2013 Anja Vanal founded Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd. in New Dehli together with her

Indian business partner Sunil Chindalia.


Maasa Production is primarily focused on block print textiles, block print stamps and soft goods for the maasa label, independent designers and trading companies.


As a socially responsible and fair employer Maasa Production creates highly needed jobs in India.

We work very close together with local indian families.

impression behind the scene

our artisan at work

SMT Krishna Charitable Trust ORG.

With every order we get,

we sponsor the SMT Krishna Charitable Trust Organization in New Delhi India.

A non-profit organization for kids-education.