Welcome to maasa Production pvt. ltd. in New Delhi - india

swiss - Indian manufacturer of unique block Printed fabrics and hand carved wooden textile printing stamps

Hand carved block print stamps

Fair produced through local craftsmen in Uttar Pradesh

block print fabrics designed by Maasa production pvt. ltd.

Fair produced in Rajasthan

Unique block printed fabrics. Patterns are designed and printed in Switzerland, production for wholesale is done in India at Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd. Delhi India

our blockprints are available on different fabrics like cotton, linen and silk/cotton

conventional cotton and organic cotton

Unique block printed fabrics, sample are designed and printed in Switzerland, production is in India with Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd.

Blockprint garments

Available on organic cotton or conventional cotton

Plain conventional and organic white and unbleached cotton

Custom made block print stamps

We produce your own designed block print stamp to print your perfect repeating pattern

we organize your business trip in north india if you are looking for traditional indian handicrafts

Visit us in our travel Agency in Connaught Place New delhi

As we have a big knowledge about ancient handicraft in North India, we can show you every village with there traditional handicrafts. The tours are organized with Maasa India Tourism.

Textile Group Tour Rajasthan 2023

6-15 people

Individual  tours around the year

about us

maasa production pvt. ltd. was founded in 2014 by Sunil and Anja Vanal in Delhi India.

As a travel and textile lover, Anja Vanal met Sunil, a travel expert in Delhi in 2007.

Sunil's years of experience as a travel expert in North India have given him a great knowledge of ancient Indian crafts.

With this combination, Sunil and Anja started their own company Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. We design and print our own block printed fabrics for our own maasa label and independent designers and trading companies.

With the great knowledge of local crafts we organize special tours in India with Maasa India Tourism, which is another part of our company.