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about the jamun tree

We produce our block print stamps with the environmentally friendly Jamun tree

The beautiful large-crowned Jamun tree is native to India.

It is also found in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Scientifically called Syzigium Cumini, it belongs to the Myrtacea family.  The Jamun tree is tall, reaching 60 to 100 feet in height. It is a popular avenue tree in India, primarily for its ornamental form and because its highly branched crown remains dense and shady during the dry season.


It is fast growing and reaches its full size in about 30 to 40 years.

It is widespread in the humid forests of southern India, where it grows to large size.


 Because Jamun is a hardy fruit plant, it can be grown in unfavorable climates and on a wide range of soils, with deep, loamy and well drained soils being ideal.

He does not prefer hard floors. It does well in tropical conditions and needs dry weather at the time of flowering and fruit set.

Early rains are beneficial for better growth, development and ripening of the fruit of black plums.


The wood of the Jamun is hard and water-resistant, so it is used to make ox-cart wheels.

It is ideal for structures that must remain submerged, such as water wells surrounds.

In rural areas it is also used to make furniture.

We would like to inform you that from now on our stamps will be produced only with the light-Colored Jamun wood. The photos in the online store are made of rosewood.

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