Textile Tour Rajasthan India

See behind the scene of beautiful skills in textiles.

Upcoming tour date - organized with maasa india tourism

05.10.18 - 19.10.2018

Lead by Anja Vanal and Sunil Chindalia of Maasa Production Pvt. Ltd.

19 days - 20 nights group tour by minibus with min. 6 max. 12 participant.


We would like to show you the beauty of Rajasthan and beyond.

The meaning of this tour is to get to know about rural handicrafts, about incredible skills in textiles,

ancient forts and temples.

You will have the chance to learn about:

- Mud resist Indigo block printing in a workshop in Bagru

- Tie and dye - chundri workshop in Udaipur

- Block print workshop in Pushkar

- See behind the scene how women`s work on handloom in Kota

- and in between all this places there are so many incredible forts and temples where you can see 

  the traditional spirit of Indian handicrafts.


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Tour itinerary english 2018

Textile tour Rajasthan 05.10.18 - 19.10.18
Lead by:
Sunil Chindalia and Anja Vanal
18 Textile Tour India 5.10.18 - 19.10.18
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Textl Rundreise Rajasthan Indien 05.10.18 - 19.10.18
Private Gruppenreise mit max. 15 Teilnehmer
Geführt mit:
Sunil Chindalia und Anja Vanal
18 Textil Reise Indien 05.10.18- 19.10.1
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